Our Team

We pride ourselves in being intensely creative, professional, fun, reliable, and passionate to the core. Want to join the team? Check out our job openings.

Jason Mark / Co-founder & Creative Lead, Dad

With Jason at the helm, Gravity Switch continues to be the leader in New England at web, iPhone, and iPad development. In addition to web design, Jason has written and collaborated on a handful of children's books (both for himself and clients). He has also created ePub books, some of which are currently available in Apple's iBookstore. 

Always passionate about teaching, Jason was one of the first dozen professors of web design in the country and has taught at Marlboro College and the University of Massachusetts. He writes for the popular Smashing Magazine and Six Revisions blogs, and speaks across New England on web and mobile design and usability.

Twice a day you can see Jason on the bike path between his Northampton office and his Florence home—even in winter.

Education: University of Massachusetts at Amherst: B.F.A. and M.S. in Education. Studied abroad in Kassel, Germany.

Experience: 20 years in the industry.

Speaking Events: iPhone DevCon, Android DevCon, World Usability Day, ePub Hidden Technology, Joomla!Day New England (to name a few).

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Christine Mark / Co-founder, Graphic Designer, Mom

Christine enjoys vacuuming. She also likes mowing the lawn (because it's like vacuuming—only outside). She likes order in her carpets and lawns, but let her loose on a design project and you'll be blown away by her kick-ass creativity.

Christine was a member of the Microsoft Word team in its heyday and left to form Gravity Switch in 1996. She balances four kids, her side business as a landlord, and the running of Gravity Switch, and still somehow finds time to excel at the visual stuff. (We're still trying to figure out where she's hiding her six extra arms).

Christine's creativity doesn't stop there. Check out her vocal prowess and storytelling. If you're interested in distributing your book on the Apple iPad you should read her "mini-guide" to ePubs.

Education: Mount Holyoke College: B.A. in Computer Science, Magna Cum Laude.

Experience: 17 years, including several years with Microsoft.

Recognition: w3 Awards, Interactive Media Awards, Awwwards, Summit Creative Awards, MITX Awards. Former board member of United Way.

Articles: Co-writer and ghost writer of articles published in Computer Graphics World, Smashing Magazine and OPEN Forum.

Rachael Frank / Lead Strategist & The Original "Happiness Facilitator"

Rachael is happiest when brainstorming options, solving problems, and drawing connections. 

Her title? Let's just say that she's someone who gets things done. For the past 10 years she's helped clients create and manage content, make branding and identity choices, determine when to use technology and when to update processes, test usability assumptions, all while making sure that Jason's shirt matches his pants before he goes into his next meeting!  


Education: Marlboro College, BA in Film Theory & Criticism

Experience: 9 years getting things done!  

Recognition: Graduated w/honors, certified entrepreneurial thinker

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Ketesah Trudeau / Senior Project Manager

Tess likes to make everybody happy, all the time. Yes, she knows this is literally impossible, but she does her darndest every day by keeping her projects on schedule and on budget, and remembering to communicate well with clients and team members, as well as breathe and stay hydrated.

NOTE: If you give her some marketing jargon to turn into search engine and user friendly web language, she will be your best friend forever.

At the end of the day, she has a lot of happy clients, and that makes her happy. And ready for a nap.

Education: University of Massachusetts Commonwealth College, B.A. in English, Minor in Psychology, Magna Cum Laude. Studied abroad in Oviedo, Spain.

Experience: 7 years of project management

Recognition: Phi Beta Kappa

Corey Condardo / Senior Producer

If you’re looking for a fireball of energy Corey is your man. His wide ranging background includes a stint at the global technology consulting company Accenture, working as a systems analyst as a part of a global IT team, and starting his own web development company.

Corey is a skilled, versatile team player with a heavy focus on crafting Drupal solutions, making clients happy, and keeping tricky projects moving forward. He has been working in the tech industry since the age of 16 and earned a business degree with a concentration in technology because he is convinced those two are inextricably linked.

On Sundays Corey can be found planted on the couch cheering on his New England Patriots. 

He's impatiently waiting to solve your next tough challenge, so contact him now!

Education: University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, B.S. in Management of Information Systems

Experience: 8 years of technology and business experience

Rob Archer / Senior Programmer, Out-Of-The-Box Thinker

Rob's clothes can be on fire while he's being chased by wild dogs, but if you come up to him and you need "good help now," he's your man. He enjoys a good challenge, and you'll see him on the front lines inspiring us all with new feature ideas, as well as behind the scenes building the smart, secure infrastructure that makes these things "just work."

His programming toolbox includes PHP, ColdFusion, MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and Access, Drupal, HTML, XML, Javscript, CSS, some duct tape, and a really big hammer. He knows where to hit your project to make it work (he also knows where to hit the furnace to make it work). He has been doing this for upwards of 18 years now, and we've been lucky enough to have him as a part of the Gravity Switch team for most of that time.

Rob is comfortable pioneering new technologies, developing open source customer resource management tools or even keeping a client's aging AS400 mainframe talking to their website "for a little while longer." He doesn't believe in "the box," preferring to keep an open mind and brainstorm the very best approach for each individual task, and that's why we love him (that and the furnace thing).

Education: University of Massachusetts at Amherst, B.S 

Experience: 18 years programming experience

Katie Methe / Drupal Ninja

It doesn't much matter to Katie whether she's done something hundreds of times or never heard its name before—she'll jump into it with an amazing level of positive energy and intensity. She loves finding the *best* solution for any technology need and creating a memorable experience with every client she comes into contact with. She loves meeting new people, and you'll understand this when you talk to her for the first time.

Katie enjoys a good cup of coffee, hiking with her dog Carter, and building lego empires in her basement. She's also an avid biker, pedaling over 2,000 miles per year.

Katie has spoken at several DrupalCamps across the country and is a member of the Drupal Chix Organization as well as a Drupal.org contributor. She attends both national and international Drupalcon events to stay up to date on all the latest technology and to make sure Gravity Switch continues to be forward-thinking. 

Want to talk technical with Katie? Contact her directly

Education: Simmons College, BA in Marketing, Minor in Communications

Experience: 2 years programming + 6 years managing

Recognition: DrupalCamp Speaker, Drupalcon London 2012, Drupalcon Denver 2012, Drupal.org Contributor

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