iOS & Android Apps

Looking to create an iPhone, iPad, or Android App? You're in good hands.

Apps are big. In fact, they're huge. According to Forrester Research, Apps are projected to be a $38 billion market by 2015. For an industry that didn't exist just a few years ago, that's a big deal. We're just as addicted to Apps as you are, and have the techological expertise to bring your App to market. 

We've created everything from data intensive apps (like FastWeather on right) to artistic apps like the one we developed for East-Coast Landscape artist Marlene Rye. Marlene Rye's App allowed museum visitors to browse and zoom in on detailed images of Marlene's work, and also watch a stop motion movie of Marlene building up the layers of paint on her canvas as she works. 

We can develop Apps for both Android and iOS platforms, for museums, startups, and businesses of all sizes. Let our team of experts bring your App idea to life. And if you want something specifically for the iPhone or iPad, we’re Apple Enterprise Certified—kind of catchy, right? 

Need a great Kindle or iPad mounting solution? Check out the easy and secure mounting options we have to display your App at your business, tradeshow, and wherever your work brings you. 

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