News: Gravity Switch Lends a Hand

October 09, 2002


The goal of the Blitz Build project was to build a two-story home in 10 days, and with the help of Gravity Switch and other volunteers, they reached this very ambitious goal. According to York Mayo, Habitat's Executive Director, "It was the first time in the history of Habitat for Humanity International that a two-story home was Blitz Built."

lowell and kelli cleaning Says Jason Mark, Gravity Switch President, "We weren't sure what to expect when we arrived at the work site but we were ready to help out however we could." Once the team set to work it was apparent that any nervous feelings were unfounded. The Gravity team plowed through each task that was given to them - from assembling kitchen cabinets to painting floorboards to hauling trash. When Habitat ran out of work at the original house, the GS team moved onto another Habitat house that was being built down the street.

rob spreading topsoil

Commented York Mayo about Gravity Switch's involvement, "It's great that folks like Gravity Switch can give back to those who don't have everything they need to live a happy life. Habitat is more than building houses - it's about breaking the poverty cycle. Houses are just the medium and Gravity Switch is now part of that process. By coming out and working on this project with us, Gravity Switch now has an understanding of what goes on with the families trying to make it in the inner city".

carol and kelli So was the hard effort worth it? "Absolutely!"

said Christine Henriques, Founder and Principal of Gravity Switch, "We were happy to close up shop and put all of our effort into this project. We're always looking for ways to give something back to our community and we when we met the new homeowner, Darlene Williams, we knew we had done the right thing." 

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