News: Transforming Your Site: The Process of Improvement

March 05, 2003


Jason Mark (Founder and President) of Gravity Switch spoke to the Massachusetts Health Data Consortium sharing some valuable insights on why making a website easy to use is NOT easy to do! Below are the key points of his talk:

  • Case Study: What works for one provider and what doesn't work for others
  • Reviews of different sites, with suggested criteria so you can evaluate your own
  • Best practice ideas on navigation, interface design, content and functionality (specifically for hospitals and healthcare providers)
  • The pros and cons of focus groups, usability testing, expert reviews, surveys, interviews and log files
  • How to properly apply user profiles, user scenarios and wire-frame sketches of your website design

Attendees will be given a number of handouts to take back to their organizations.

Target Audience:
CIOs, IT and Technology staff, Webmasters and staff, Marketing Professionals

About Jason Mark

Jason is the Founder and President of Gravity Switch, an award-winning interactive media firm based in Northampton, MA. Known as a visionary, a strategist and a 'whiteboard junky', Jason has been entrenched in new media development since the early 1990's. His studies in the U.S., France and Germany, combined with his passion for seeing the forest through the trees, make Jason a much sought-after speaker. When he's not developing internet strategies for his clients, Jason teaches Website Design at Marlboro College's Internet Strategy Management

About Mass HealthData

The Massachusetts Health Data Consortium is a non-profit, private consortium established for the purpose of developing, collecting, analyzing and disseminating health care information to improve the health and healthcare of the region. For more information, go to their website.