“There are two kinds of writer: Those that make you think, and those that make you wonder.” -Brian Aldiss

We enjoy writing for fun. The next logical step was to use our technical know-how and digital strategy experience to self-publish on some of the available platforms out there. If you're interested in creating your own ePub, you can check out Jason's article about How To Make An eBook or Christine's guide to Guide to Comparing Services that Indie Authors Can Use to Publish eBooks.


Here are a few Children's books created by Jason and Christine:

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Ghost Hunters: The Haunted House

Genre: Children, Picture, Fun
Author/Illustrator: Jason Mark

If you know a kid who likes Junie B. Jones, Goosebumps, Jigsaw Jones, and Jack & Annie's adventures in Magic Tree House, they are bound to enjoy this series. This is book 1 in the collection.

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Fleck Saves Christmas

Author: Christine Mark
Illustrator: Daniel Goffen
Format: eBook

This is a silly, Dr. Seuss-like Christmas story, originally written and illustrated by Christine Mark 14 years ago as a creative outlet when she was working for Microsoft. In 2008, it was re-edited by Christine and then illustrated by Daniel Goffen. 

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The Girl Who Wouldn't Wash Her Hands

Author/Illustrator: Jason Mark
Format: eBook and PDF

A children's story written by Jason that may or may not have been inspired by a certain little daughter of his...

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Everyone Potty Trains

Author/Illustrator: Jason Mark
Format: eBook and PDF

This is a classic tale of potty training for your child. "Everyone Potty Trains" takes advantage of the full screen illustrated features of the Apple iPad (and iPhone). It addresses many challenges children have while potty training, such as patience and learning to recognize the feelings of when pee and poop need to come out of your body.

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