“Can I help you with that?”

“Already taken care of.”

“Sure, I’ll have it done in an hour.”

“I’m happy to help.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll figure it out.”

"Let me just try it and I'll let you know if it works."

"I got it, no need to explain more."

"Before I start, I need you to clarify something for me." 

“I’ve never heard of it before, but it can’t be any harder than…”

If these are things you say often, we hope you’ll consider applying to Gravity Switch.

Gravity Switch is a branding and technology firm that's been based in Downtown Northampton since the mid 90's. We’ve worked with some big names (Disney, Sega, Guggenheim, Yale, Dartmouth), and plenty of people you’ve never heard of. We’re all geeks who love what we do, and we give a surprisingly large amount of money to local charities every year.

And we need some help.

We need someone to handle the details. Details for us. Details for our clients. Someone who does those little things before anyone else even notices they’re a problem. Someone who can just figure things out. Someone who can do 40 different things in 40 hours, and rock them all. With a smile.

A super organized Happiness Facilitator and Hospitality Ninja all rolled into one.

There will obviously be technology involved. And communication. Both written and verbal communication. Much of your job will consist of supporting people - scheduling meetings, ordering office supplies, taking notes, fixing a broken widget, logging into a client site and making a minor change - but we’re also looking for someone who can take initiative. Someone who’s not afraid to be the boss when necessary (Google calls this emergent leadership, which is as good a word as any).

It's a hard job, but can be a lot of fun and very rewarding for the right person, and there's plenty of growth potential.

We have a fairly unique culture and fit is important to us. Before applying, you should probably take a minute or two and read through our company handbook to get a feel for what it's like to work at Gravity Switch. Don't worry, the handbook isn't as boring as it sounds. Because fit is so important to us we hope to invite a number of people in on a trial basis to get to know each other and then choose the person who we feel is the best match.

If this all sounds exciting to you here's how to apply

Please email the info below to IWillFollowUp@gravityswitch.com:

  • Cover letter (including availability, specific salary needs, and why you're interested in this position)
  • Resume

We look forward to hearing from you. We've gotten hundreds of applications and preference is given to those that take initiative, so feel free to follow up if you haven't heard from us.

This is a full time, onsite position. Offsite need not apply.

Gravity Switch is an equal opportunity employer.