Touchscreen Kiosks

We were designing apps before they were even called apps.

In the beginning... there were touchscreen kiosks.

Gravity Switch worked with Honda in 1999 to develop an interactive installation for their North American showrooms. Potential buyers could explore colors and features, and print a spec sheet for "their" Odyssey on the spot.

Then the iPad changed everything. The traditional computer kiosk has been shaken up and stripped down and will never be the same.

For the price of an iPad and a locking iPad mount like the Padloc, you can now have a flexible, professional kiosk for under $700. Whether you're looking to expand your email list, allow customers to sign up for in-store events, or add an interactive element to your artwork, a touchscreen kiosk can bring you the results you're looking for.

Kiosks can now be integrated into the public sector and retail environment in a smart and sleek way. Now that affordability is no longer a factor, we’re working with clients to develop apps that can bring imagination and excitement back into their business solutions.

One of the iPad Apps we've developed is for East-Coast Landscape artist Marlene Rye.

Marlene's last solo show at the Gross Mccleaf Gallery in Philadelphia sold out, and her work is featured in the film How Do You Know, starring Reese Witherspoon, Owen Wilson, Jack Nicholson, and Paul Rudd.

Marlene created a stop motion animation that allows collectors to see how various layers are built up on a canvas as she paints. She's been showing this to Facebook fans, and wanted a way to make this approachable to gallery visitors for her opening. We created the iPad app above, which lets collectors and visitors browse (and zoom in on) samples of her work, as well as watch the stop motion movie of "the making of."

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