kids these days, amirite?

You've got to speak to them in ways they hear in the places they're listening

How do we where to reach kids?

Data. Data. Data. Some we collect on our own–some is "industry standard" and we'll simply refer to it. Right now, kids are still actively using Snapchat.  


What do we say to them?

Here's our advice: don't tell them anything–let them tell YOU what's on their minds. Give them tools that they understand and invite them to feel like they are part of YOUR family. 


vermont technical college

As a technical college, there's a lot of pressure for VTC to stay ahead of the technology curve. During one of our meetings, we suggested they explore some ways to augment their admissions process using Snapchat. As the conversation progressed, we decided to create a VTC specific Snapchat filter.

Having this filter lets students literally see themselves at VTC. #verycool

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