Award-winning team.

We’ve developed software for Microsoft and worn suits at Accenture. We hold degrees in a variety of disciplines: psychology, fine art, computer science, geology, business, education, and more. We’re fun, smart, well-balanced, analytical, funny, kind, clever, and very hard-working. We’re all very different, but that makes us better. 

That makes us Gravity Switch.

We're hiring!

Christine Mark Co-founder

Christine Mark


Emily Stephens CEO

Emily Stephens


Brenda Rossi Lead  Developer

Brenda Rossi

Lead  Developer

Andrew Sabourin Graphic Designer

Andrew Sabourin

Graphic Designer

Jason Mark President

Jason Mark


Nathaniel deVelder Developer

Nathaniel deVelder


Jessa Tower Project Manager

Jessa Tower

Project Manager

Kimberly Hatch Photographer

Kimberly Hatch


Allison Chase Project Manager

Allison Chase

Project Manager