Drupal is a mature, powerful and flexible content management system that’s easy to adapt to a variety of uses—from a marketing driven website to online retail management or intranet portals. 

Gravity Switch has years of experience working with Drupal. This well-established CMS has been installed for our clients in the areas of higher education, small business, finance, manufacturing, non-profit, and retail sectors.

The reputable ranks of Drupal users also include: The White House, Twitter, LinkedIn, Harvard University, Stanford University, The Washington Post, AOL, eHarmony, and Zappos.

What Can Drupal Do for You?

Drupal utilizes well-supported and maintained modules to expand its possibilities and power. It also has a vibrant community of programmers, as well as a large installed base of users, both of which help ensure that it will remain a viable platform for many years to come. 

Some features Drupa​l can easily integrate into to your website:

  • Webforms and surveys
  • E-Commerce with Drupal's Ubercart module
  • Group use
  • Uploading documents to pages
  • RSS feeds
  • Advanced search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Workflow regulation
  • Ability to limit permissions based on users
  • Stable search functionality
  • Media integration (audio, video, embedded media, images)
  • Blog
  • Forums and rating systems
  • User profiles and logins
  • News and events integration
  • Custom Drupal modules

Need something that's not on this list? We have experience extending Drupal’s capabilities. For example, the University Without Walls at UMass redesigned their website and needed to send contact information to their legacy CMS located on a Microsoft Server. Since there was no existing way for Drupal to do this, we created a new module linking each contact and scheduling form to their existing system. 

Smart solutions, done right. 
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